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Dog Friendly Holidays in Cornwall

We are delighted to welcome families who own a dog to Edens Horizon, our lovely house overlooking St Austell market town. We understand that for many families, a dog is a very important family member and so we hope that they enjoy their stay at Edens Horizon.The house has a large and lovely garden and there are many beautiful walks and trails you can do with your dog nearby.

House Rules

We know that most owners are very responsible and that is why we have only a few common sense rules to ensure that you and your dog get the best out of a stay at Edens Horizon. We hope you agree!

Dogs are not allowed on furniture or beds.

Owners should bring dogs bedding and bowls.

Please collect any poop left on the ground.

Owners are responsible for any damage that their dog may cause within the house and we trust that owners will notify us prior to leaving if there has been any unfortunate accident in order that we can happily agree on a remedy.

Please also note that the garden, whilst large, is not gated and therefore not secure to leave your dog alone there. 

Day care for your pets

Dogs should not be left alone when you leave the house. Dogs can get distressed when left alone in new environments. As a solution we would be delighted to arrange day care for your pets if you need to go somewhere that does not allow dogs.

We also have the contact numbers for the local vets – just in case anything does go wrong.

We do hope you enjoy your stay with us at Edens Horizon, please get in touch with Kate for current availability.